I think we should have an Igbo translation

Seems these folks in Nigeria have been busy translating various Free Software applications (including at least Ephy from the GNOME stable) into Yoruba (“yo”), Hausa (“ha”) and Igbo (“ig”).

Language Log claims it’s not free but I assume this means “you have to pay for it” rather than “it’s breaking the GPL”. So, maybe we can find someone who’s bought a copy and get the .po files from them and merge them upstream? LL claims it’s dormant, so we should make an effort to rescue the translations before they vanish forever.

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16 thoughts on “I think we should have an Igbo translation”

  1. By a copy, do you mean a copy of wazobia linux?

    I think I might be able to find one. I tried it a few years back, but didn’t quite like it cos it was based on Fedora core 2 or so.

    If I can lay my hands on a copy, you’ll just need to tell me where the PO files are so I can roll up a tarball and email it to you.

    Additionally, perhaps I should start looking at translating some programs into my own language (Tiv: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiv) … I’ve always thought nobody cared :)

  2. @nucco: that would be wonderful. (“tiv” is the ISO code, unsurprisingly.) Let me know if I can be any help with getting things set up.

    The copy probably just has .mo files, the compiled form, but that’s fine because we can just un-compile them again.

  3. To begin with, I can checkout an application (eg Rhythmbox), then copy any of the existing PO files over, and start replacing the translated strings, and eventually submit a patch, right?

  4. BTW, it seems at least yo has some translations already, on my Debian lenny system:

    $ find /usr/share/locale/{yo,ha,ig}
    find: `/usr/share/locale/ha’: No such file or directory
    find: `/usr/share/locale/ig’: No such file or directory

  5. 1. Add “tiv” to po/LINGUAS
    2. Put tiv.po in the po directory
    3. In the base directory, ./autogen.sh –prefix /usr
    4. make
    5. make install

    Let me know if there’s any problem with these, or you need a hand setting up the translation team.

  6. he he. Rhythmbox does have an “–enable-uninstalled-build” option which allows you to run it without installing it. Furthermore, it refuses to install to a non-standard location.

    I can replace the system supplied version if necessary, but won’t i need to set my system locale to “Tiv” or something for the application to appear localized? That’s what I don’t know how to do…

  7. I’m getting a Gtk and Gdk warning: locale not supported by C library, Using the fallback ‘C’ locale.

    No strings appear translated in the application after it starts…

    Perhaps I need to add “tiv” somewhere else on my system?

    I already sent you an email on this, but well, I hope you don’t get offended by the double posting.

    And pls bear with my ignorance on this subject .

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