Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo update

Bowl with Figures, Artist: Olowe of Ise (c. 1875-c. 1938), Yoruba peoples, Ekiti region, Nigeria, Early 20th century, Wood, paintDuring all the discussion on the gnome-i18n list about merging these Nigerian languages, Chris Murphy has discovered that the licence information in the RPMs says they’re GPL.  So the translations which are GPL can be merged.  So I have:

If you speak any of these languages fluently or know someone who does, please encourage them to help out with translation.

To the person who wanted to work on a Tiv translation: have you done any more on this?  I’d love to give you any help you need setting up a translation team.  (Joining gnome-i18n and discussing your ideas there would be a good step.)

Photo: Bowl with figures, by Olowe of Ise (c.1875-c.1938).  Photo by cliff1066, cc-by.

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