A short Sunday

Woke up at a good time, around seven.  Promptly and stupidly decided to go back to sleep to see what the end of the dream was; it turned out to be a nightmare.  Woke up again at about eleven and went to the gym.  Continued the run of stupid mistakes by forgetting to get lunch for Rio.  Sharon came by and brought her lunch instead.  I hate getting up late. :(

Later, went to the diner for dinner.  Talked to Alex about a shelving project he’s working on.

Did a little tidying, but not very much.  But I’ve got some way towards Inbox Zero: I’m now down to four emails.

Today I learned that cd – changes to the directory you were in before the current one.

Fin gave me an old notebook of zirs to use as a logbook.  It’s lovely.

It occurs to me that the simple system I built a while ago which mostly allows Ubuntu to come up in Shavian would also work to get Deseret, Unifon and Tengwar.  I wonder whether there’s much of a market for Ubuntu in Tengwar.  Possibly good Slashdot fodder, anyway.

Joule-for-Dreamwidth is edging closer.  I also need to implement a per-day view with a paging system to get around this problem.

Five days until GCDS starts.

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2 thoughts on “A short Sunday”

  1. Do you know about pushd and popd? pushd (dirname) pushes a directory onto the stack, popd changes directory to the directory at the top of the stack. Pretty cool.

    cd – is the equivalent of cd ${OLDPWD} && pwd by the way.

  2. Thanks :) I did know about pushd and popd, and pushd with no arguments is how I’d got a similar effect until yesterday: I was intrigued that TMTOWTDI.

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