Metacity blog post you might be interested in

The future of… the Metacity project, Metacity’s bug list, and the Metacity blog, all with respect to the advent of Mutter. I thought some people who don’t usually read the Metacity blog but read planet might be interested.  Comment there, or if you’re at GUADEC, come and find me in meatspace.

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Thomas Thurman

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3 thoughts on “Metacity blog post you might be interested in”

  1. Read it. Depressing. Gnome people failing to admit that Compiz is bringing in a lot of people, and trying their best to reimplement the stuff (so far the plans being worse) ala kwin :(

  2. I’m more worried about the usability of GNOME on systems without OpenGL support… What’s the plan with that? Will mutter work without 3D (the render based compositor or none at all)?

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