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There has been a small surge of interest in translating (or transliterating) Ubuntu into the Shavian alphabet, possibly by means of the automated transliterator I mentioned a few weeks ago.

A small team has formed; if anyone else would like to join, they will be most welcome.  I’m a bit busy to do a huge amount of the work, but I am providing support and some of my existing transliteration resources.  Also, wiki pages are being worked on.  And discussion, most of it in the alphabet, is continuing on #ubuntu-l10n-en-shaw on freenode. See you there, perhaps.

If this works out, it will be simple to produce Deseret and Tengwar transliterations of Ubuntu as well.  Is anyone interested in those?

In unrelated news, the book I mentioned in my last post now has its own website, where you can read some of the story for yourself.

(Logo mashup by permission.)

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