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There has been quite a bit of discussion on the GNOME wiki about how CSS themes could be improved. I would very much like your feedback too.  (The section numbers are taken from the Cowbell documentation.)

Also, I am not sure whether to add optional CSS theming support into standard Metacity and then split it out into libcowbell so it can be easily used by other WMs, or to do the libcowbell split first. It’s probably simpler the second way, but the first brings more immediate and obvious results.

I wrote a poem the other day:

April in Paris

The sea lies solid under ice,
The blizzard seldom stops;
The glögi’s running freely
In friendly coffee-shops;
The trams still run and life goes on
And still I can’t remember
Why no-one ever calls a song
“Helsinki in November”.

(It’s actually far more like this in December, so maybe I should make that the month; but then you’d all know that I was employing poetic licence. February even more, but then it wouldn’t rhyme.)

I went to St Nicholas’s yesterday, where everyone was very friendly as usual, and they held a minute’s silence for Remembrance Sunday. It seems that a lot of people are posting “what my grandfather did in the war” stories, so here are the exploits of my own grandfather, Bob Thurman.

I have expanded my old triolets blog into a site called Here’s another I recently wrote for Fin:
To sleep next to you
when the weather is cold
is trusted and true.
To sleep next to you
is decades from new
yet it never grows old
to sleep next to you
when the weather is cold.

On the plane over here, and occasionally in the evenings, I played around with automatic translation into Shavian. We’ve had some problems using Launchpad for translation, so I experimented with doing things upstream the old-fashioned way. Though the translation is automatic, it needs to be hand-checked; otherwise, things like XML elements get translated. But it’s a quick and simple thing to do, and I’ve checked quite a few of them already. I know some of the people reading this are interested in Shavian, so if you want to join in, please do. Once we get GNOME in Shavian, we will of course automatically have GNOME in Deseret, Unifon and Tengwar. I imagine having everything marked up in a phonemic alphabet might actually be useful for screen readers, too.

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