Using the Shavian alphabet on the N900

For a while I’ve wanted to take notes in the Shavian alphabet on my N900.  The other night I finally got around to putting in Shavian support. It was a whole lot easier than I’d imagined: about ten minutes’ work, and as so often I’m rather impressed at how flexible Maemo is. This post was enormously helpful.

You can switch alphabets using the system menu; excuse the dreadful antialiasing on the icon I whipped up in a few seconds. When you’re typing in Shavian, the Fn (bluearrow) key will let you type in the Latin alphabet briefly.

And the notes application (and Conboy) don’t have any problem with the non-BMP codepoints needed.

I would package this, but I’m not sure it would be useful to anyone but me. On the other hand, it might be helpful for other people who wanted to know how to do something similar.

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2 thoughts on “Using the Shavian alphabet on the N900”

  1. Please, make it a bit more generic by letting people choose other keyboard layouts as well!

  2. I’m not sure how that would work in practice, though, other than having a fullscale “remap your keyboard” app where you got to choose what each key did. On the other hand, that would be rather wonderful.

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