First blog post ever

First diary entry. Been spending most of the dayt getting my
GNOME RPMS for Turbolinux up to date, and add some new ones.
With the current speed of development on Gnome I think I
could spend all day compiling new packages and still not be
up to date :)
Getting close to the point now where I will upload the lot
to the GNOME ftp site.

This week has been a lot of fun. Alan, Telsa and Michael has
been in Norway to hold some presentations and see Oslo. I
had the pleasure of being their host during the stay. All
in all I think it went well, even if there was some small
mishaps underway with weather, train accidents and BA
messing up my plans. For some reason the world refuses to
abide by my plans.

Well back to the RPMS, including trying to get a nice set of
RPMS for Galway up and running.