Holiday, Oslo visit and Xmame

Another day, another entry. Got my tickets and booking recipets for my 16 day vacation on Guadalope and Barbados. Was a brochure from one of the hotels which almost brought tears of joy to my eyes. I am really going to Paradise in
about 11 days. Yippee.

Was a interesting article about non-coding contributors on Advogato today. Personally, it is my experience that coders are very grateful and good at showing their appreciation when you do something usefull for them, be it translations, RPM making or bug reporting. (okay, maybe not bug reports :)

Tigert had posted an comment about Ewing doing Tux, which lead me to notice that Ewing and a lot of other people had certified Tigert as Journeyer. Well it could be correct that Tigert is a Journeyer when it comes to
coding, but he is definetly a Master when it comes to being a graphical artist. The question that comes to mind then of course is if Advogato is a place for coders or for free software people in general? My impression was that advogato was supposed to be a place for all kinds of free software people, and that people would be rated based upon their area of expertise in regard to free software not just on their coding skills, but I could very well be me making stupid assumptions. Well enough ranting.

Telsa and Alan has now put up the pictures from the Oslo trip, you will find them here There is even a nice picture of me in the batch. I bought some small presentents today which I am shipping of to Alan, Telsa and Michael as my way of saying thanks for them being such wonderful guests while here.

I started making RPMS of xmame and grustibus the other day, which was a task I discovered was easier said than done. Grustibus was no problem in itself, but recompiling Xmame was no easy task, at least not with the settings I wanted. I almost got working solution now, but it is not as optimal as I want it to be, luckily easter is coming up so I can waste a lot more time on this issue :)