Back from the LWE even if I managed to miss my airplane. The nice people at United gave me a new ticket for the
next day without extra cost though. Got to stay one more day in San Francisco, great city.

Loved the Gnome Foundation stuff that happened during the expo, getting all these highly experienced engineers
from Sun, HP, IBM etc. working on GNOME will be a great boon to the project in my opinion. Not that the current
crew doesn’t do a splendid job, but more people means that more of the most ambitious plans can be realized

Some of the comments to the GNOME Foundation announcement from despairing KDE fans and developers are
just to silly to believe. I think the most absurd claim is that of GNOME being a corporate sellout, which coming
from the loyal servants of Troll Tech seems a tad hairy. Unfair to compete through marketing is another favourite,
yes; sending out press releases telling the world that these companies will dedicate engineering resources to
GNOME and start to use it as their GUI is reeeaally evil. KDE ‘never’ announce it when somebody gives them
some sort of support.

Anyways, back to the LWE, has anyone else also noticed that swag has a tendency to turn into dirty laundry?