ErikLevy first of all I am your young and dynamic friend (I am not OLD :)

Secondly regarding the use of free software, as I sort of metioned in my previous statement, I think
that free software is such a powerful paradigm that it will force a change in the way business will be done from
on. So your point about 90% of people having used or using close sourced software is not valid in my view. An
example is (probably not the best one, but I am bloddy tired after being awake all night :) is how satelites and
cable broke the government television monopolies which dominated most of Europe until the
mid-eighties. Another example is how the internet is forcing a change upon the media industry at the

Or generally speaking, once in a while something happens that causes the rules which businesses has played
by for a long time to change, in my view the rise of the free software paradigm in the form of the (L)GPL is such a
change-enabler. (Change-enabler is one of those cool expressions I learned at Business School :)