Okay, now I had it with Slashdot. I know most of you will
probably say ‘welcome latecomer,’ but what pushed me over
edge was the
posting of that story from the TurboLinux guy about just one
commerical distro in the future. No problem with the story
what made me really pissed of was the stupid RedHat attacks
the submitter had added to the post, comments which the
Slashdot editor had let pass.

And while I think it is wrong to fault Slashdot for stupid
shit being posted in the discussions, I feel that Slashdot
can very much be faulted when they post crap like that in
their headings.

So I hereby swear that unless I hear that Rob Malda
appologizes and calls it and editorial slip, I will stay
away from Slashdot and the bunch of degenerates that seems
to make up the Slashdot crowd these days.