Just heard that a friend of mine was commited to the
hospital due to a drug overdose. [Update: he died this
Not that he was a very close friend, but he has sort of hung
out with the same crowd of people
that I have for the last 10 years.This is the second person
that I knew well enough to call a friend to have fallen
victim to drug abuse, the first one dying due to it a couple
of years ago.

Looking at them now I can sort of see many similarities
between the two; low income, failed at school and
meeting a lot of dead ends with their careers. Wether the
drugs or problems came first for my two friends, I don’t
know, but I guess they lead into a evil circle where the
drug problems feed the social problems and vica versa.

Guess it doesn’t make me a very good person, but my
dominant feeling when thinking about my two friends is
not compassion for their problems, but more a relief that I
have myself escaped such problems and hardships in
my own life.