Energy. Been looking into getting new job, and doing that has given me a lot of extra energy. I guess I am one of
those people who thrive on change and wither when things get stagnate. Anyways, I have put all that energy into
good use getting a lot of paperwork, house cleaning task and Linux writing stuff done.
I got the interview reponse from Sun’s John Heard, which will be the next installment in my GNOME Foundation
interviews. The first one was IBM which I mentioned in my previous diary entry. John is one cool dude, and I think
this interview will be a great success. I think that the main difference between a bad interview and a good one is
quality of the answers, the questions are actually not so important.
Doing such an interview I also used the opportunity to bring some spotlight on a fellow Advogato member, so
gman don’t be suprised to find your name mentioned in the interview :)

On the other stuff front; I have taken it upon myself to get the GNOME office pages on
updated. For those interested the construction site can be found here. Even though I still have a lot of unimplemented plans
and there is some VERY unfinished pages, feedback is welcome.