Green winter sumarises Oslo the last few days, Sun & blue
sky but still tempratures around 10-14 degrees. Hopefully
it will get better soon cause I am hoping to spend some
more time on the sailboat this year that last year.

Had quite a productive day yesterday with some long overdue
mails getting writen, and some much needed GNOME website
fixing. My plan is to try to fix as many issues as possible
with the current GNOME site, which will mostly constrict
itself to content fixes. Other big projects like a new
software map and a working event calendar will probably not
change until the gnome-web-devel team gets their new setup
running. My main roadmap for changes up to now has been the
slew of unanswered reports of broken links etc., on

I was also very happy to discover today that posting
information on GNOME-love in the GNOME Summary had lead to
a little explosion on subscribers to the gnome-love mailing
list. It is when things like that happens that I feel that
the time myself and Steve George put into that Summary
really pays off.