Was back from GUADEC on monday. GUADEC was as always great fun and my renting a couple of apartments
worked out really well for the most part I think. As for the partying some bars in Seville will never be the same
I think :). Another conclusion is that the GNOME community seems to have managed to change the way we work
to be more scaleable now. The entry of first Sun and now Wipro into the community has lead to the GNOME
community slowly changing our style of working and finally Bugzilla for instance is really serving its purpose as a
central part of the development infrastructure. It has seemed to me that even if the number of developers in the
GNOME community has been continually growing over the last three years we have not really scaled the amount
work getting done. Sometimes it seemed that our 100 developers of 3 years ago managed to get as much done
300 does today. But I feel that with the structural and attitude changes now working their way through the
community we are finally getting to a point where it is easy to join and do real development. Of course only time
will tell if its really is our organisation that is working better or just a normal ‘new major release’ type energy boost
taking place.

Me and kmaraas stayed longer than the main crowd and spent 4 days traveling around in
Andalucia. A lot of fun even if we missed Hale Berry by just a day in Caduz.

Got back on monday and spent that day and yesterday getting my day to day life back in working order.
Suprisingly no big crises waited for me back at work and I think I will be able to get back on track with writing the
GNOME Summaries and helping out with GStreamer now.

Also applied for a internal transfer to Oracle China today, guess I have decided that it is my destiny to live in China
for some years :)