Got a mail reply today to my application for a internal
transfer to China. The mail basically states that I am not
of a high enough level in the hiarchy compared to what they
where looking for, but that my application will be looked at
This of course means that it is quite unlikely that I
actually will get the a transfer. While getting a no is
always a disapointed I have no problem accepting it as long
as the reply, like in this case, was friendly and
professional. What I hate most is potentional employeers who
don’t even bother telling you that you didn’t get the job
etc., that marks a company to me as a place I probably
wouldn’t have wanted to work anyway. Hmm, so I guess it is
onward and forward with my other little ‘new job’ projects
instead then, and these all will take me to a place with a
better climate than Bejing could offer :)

Started working on making a Nautilus theme yesterday. My
plan is to write/gather tutorials so that in the end I will
have a full set of tutorials taking you all the way to
making a GNOME Metatheme.

Have started working on getting the GStreamer RPMS up to
date and complete. Currently some build issues with the RTP
plugin that I hope we can resolve quickly.