The amount of patches coming in for various GNOME modules
these days is very encouraging. Seems that the impending
GNOME 2 release in combination with things like our new
Human Interface Guidelines, the accessibility stuff, and the
feeling among many including myself that GNOME 2 is becoming
our most stable and coherent release ever, despite the huge
amount of changes that had to be done to port to the new
plattform, is getting a of people interest in helping out.

The other thing is that I am starting to be just as exited
about GNOME 2.0.1 as I am about 2.0.0. Due to the strict
demands on what kind of things are allowed into the 2.0.0
tree at this moment in prepartion for the release, at lot of
cool stuff is being commited to placeholder modules in CVS
or left in bugzilla. As soon as 2.0.0 is out all this cool
stuff will
get commited to the core modules and I think 2.0.1 will see
the light of day just 1 or 2 months after 2.0.0.

Lots of cool stuff happening on GStreamer too.
thomasvs has made some shared GConf schemas
we will distribute. Hopefully we will get all GNOME apps
based on GStreamer to use this and people will have one stop
shopping for configuring their multimedia output. Also with
Trommey having joined the team I guess all our automake
challenges are a thing of the past :).

Jeremy Simon also
commited his snapshot plugin last week. Hopefully we will be
able to use that to give the mediaplayer both a pause image
that don’t go away when people move other windows over the
video image and also we can start getting screenshots taken
of our apps playing video.

In the other news deparment: I have a new interview on
the way. Got some great
answers back yesterday so now I only need to edit it up and
maybe make a few follow-up questions. Think this one will be