Had a effective day yesterday where I managed to both add
nautilus mime-type support to Gst-Player and also fix many buglets in the GStreamer RPM SPEC files. I also wrote a new GNOME summary which I need to proof-read today and send out.

Still feeling a bit stressfull as my schedule for the next days are a tad full and the planned items don’t mix to well.

Could also get stuch in Tromsø on a work assignment for a couple of weeks which is definetly not a good fit with my other plans, but in these times and days I guess I should just be happy to have a job.

Learning the downside of a networked world at work currently. All our fileservers and businness process systems are moved to US HQ. Unfortunatly our ISP went bankrupt and we (500 employees) share one ISDN line now, until the new ISP setup is ready next month. It means that due to network latency a 5 minute job can take up to 2 hours.

Today I finally discovered how to remove the bug tracker from the GStreamer sourceforge site. Since GStreamer now use GNOME bugzilla this was just annoying having active. Not sure how to access the few bug reports there now that where still unresolved, but I know it is possible.

My little secret programming effort has not moved forward much during the recent days, I do however start to feel that my understanding is increasing somewhat. If I do end up being sent to Tromsø I guess I will have some spare time in the evening that can be well used to work on my secret project.