Been sick since friday which sucks. Good part is that I spent the time I have been feeling well enough, doing small GStreamer related tasks. We are preparing for a 0.4.1 release sometime during next weekend with a first pre-release on thursday. Lots of fun things happening with Owen Frasier-Green
having started on ASF support for us and DS continuing his work on flash support and browser embeding.

But the new release will mostly be about bug-fixes and polish which maybe is a little less glorious than adding features, but which probably is twice as important as adding features. We are already starting to have a lot of people trying to build apps with GStreamer and us responding quickly to fixing the issues they encounter is a extremly important task in my opinion for some who develops a library like we do.

thomasvs is continuing to put love and care into our buildsystem. I think we are at a point where most people should be able to build GStreamer easily or at least get a understandable error when it fails to build.

Also learned today that Sun has dedicated 3 engineers to work on printing solutions. Hopefully they will get involved and help Chema with gnome-print soon.