Hmm, made a little mistake today, managed to send out the summary announcing to be up before checking if star and aldug had actually managed todo so after I had to leave for the airport yesterday. Hopefully they get it going today to make me look a little less the fool :)

Currently spending time surfing waiting for a 200MB patch to download so I can do what I went here to do :(

When you have lots of time like this you start reading a lot of articles and discussions one usually don’t bother with reading. The United Linux release being one of them, and one repeated issue debated in that regard is the Caldera/SCO rename. Some people seem to argue that using the SCO name and focusing on that product portfolio is a great move because there are so many SCO customers out there and
Caldera/SCO got such a nice VAR network from the SCO aquisition. My question is then is, if a) there are so many SCO user out there interesting continuing being that for the foreseeable future and even wanting to increase their use of SCO and b) there are all these great SCO VAR’s out there who brings in so much business; why did the original SCO go down the drain and end up selling these assets to Caldera?

To answer my own question above. a) most of these customers are using SCO for systems which will not use SCO when eventually they are replaced and b) That incredible VAR network isn’t all that the marketing people pretend it is.

Conclusion Caldera/SCO isn’t the wave of the future, it is just a gang of people milking a dead cow for its last drops of milk.