Chaos at work this week. Was supposed to have two assignments yesterday. One during normal workhours and one in the evening.
Consulting company which I am subcontracted by and who was reposnsible for evening assignment called me at 1500 telling me that the job I was supposed to still lacked approval from customer. Today I was continuing on the daytime job I was doing yesterday, but now my boss calls and tells me I might have to stop as the contract is still not signed. She would call back with further info after doublechecking.

Free Software news

Wondered why the declared GStreamer freeze seemed to be partially ignored. The reason was simple, I had given the date 22nd of January as the start for the freeze :)

Anyway I think I came to the conclusion that the rules I had proposed for the freeze was probably to strict/beuracratic anyway. Think i will send out a new freeze mail tommorow with more practical freeze rules. I mean the point of a freeze is to stabilize the software not make the developers life a pain.

Got a friendly accussation of rumour mongering last night :) Seems the Eazel story I put in the summary was based on a inaccurate heavily edited transcript of another interview. Considering how much I berate mainstream media for their lack of source control I guess I should be ashamed. But when I did read it I didn’t see any hint that the article was just based on another article.

I also had another story I had to cut at last minute about IBM planing to ship Linux desktops in co-operation with Red Hat and Ximian. Not sure what happened there, but wondering I if they must have changed the story I linked to. Could be that the IBM rep. where talking about a deal that where not ready to be announced yet. (Is this the big announcment for LWE that the Ximian guys have been hinting about?) Well guess time will tell :)

I have also ordered my airplane tickets for Belgium. It will be a fun 10 days with visits to fellow GStreamer hackers, FOSDEM and visiting my cousin in Antwerpen.