Hectic last few days. First out was the release of GStreamer 0.6.0 which contained a lot of bugfixes compared to 0.5.2. Seemed I had some regressions with NTPL, but we where not able to find out why. Luckily both omega and Wim are installing the RH beta to debug for themselves.

Also spent a lot of time over the last few days helping cinamod with debugging librsvg and creating a proper webpage for it. librsvg is now really good and renders all the SVG icons we could lay our hands on. It has come a long way since its humble beginings under the stewardship of raph. I also created a SVG metatheme using available SVG graphics. Sodipodi was really great for adjusting the icons out there, but we came across some SVG bugs in Sodipodi when it created the SVG from scratch. Lauris was helpfull however and fixed the biggest issue right away.

This week will also be interesting with two projects at work competing for my 4 day workweek. I am leaving for Belgium on thursday to visit thomasvs, FOSDEM and dsandras, my cousin in Antwerpen and ending the week visiting Wim and Michelle in Leuven. A bit overwhelming indeed.

Before I leave I also need to send out a reminder email about the GNOME multimedia Summit in Oslo. Looks like we be fever people than expected, but that is actually good since it cut costs hugely and easen the logistic burden.