Ok, so I finally sent of the papers to the Australian government. If my understanding of the situation is correct I will very probably have my permanent Australian visa in hand in approximatly 2-3 months. Now gman just need to get moving on his moving plans :)

Been reading the second book in the Runelords series (by David Farland) for the last two days. I am really starting to take a liking to his series. He is one of the few fantasy writers who is not afraid to make his foes and heroes more greyish instead of pure black and white. He has not worries about maiming his heroes either, like the poor fellow who got his walnuts ripped off :)

Seems I be doing some talks in the not to distant future about GStreamer here in Norway, and maybe a SVG theme talk in Dublin. On a related note I been holding of a new release of my SVG metatheme waiting for a few new icons and other stuff, but I think I will manage to make a new sparkling release this weekend. I also got a new SVG theme called Nuvola from David Vignoni, looks very nice. Just need to alter it a bit to fit GNOME better, Sodipodi had a issue with the icons in this theme, but Lauris fixed it right away. Think I never understand how Lauris ticks, but he is a cool guy :)

Keith is forking X, I think GNOME should put its weight behind him, to much NIH and overconvervatism in XFree today.