Working on switching bank for my house loan. The bank I used to use was a small, cheap and efficient online only bank, that has been merged to death (after three mergers is it now big, expensive and inefficient). Discovered today that by switching I will probably cut the interest rate on my loan by around 0.5%, which is not an insignificant amount of money per year, in fact in will probably save me around 150 Euro a month.

Which reminds me that I would like to keep on owning the place I live when I get down to Australia, the prices where approx the same, but I guess it might be harder for me to get a loan down there since I am an ‘unknown’ to their credit rating systems etc.

Released a new version of Spheres and Crystal SVG metatheme for GNOME 2.2 last night. Many nice small fixes in this release. I am considering moving it into the gnome-themes-extra module, so it is located together with Nuvola and Gorilla SVG themes. But I think I wait until the full Crystal set is released so I can get that in.

Got admin rights on the BlueSphere website so I need to update that website with new info and get a proper build system going for the icons soon.

Talker to cinamod last night. Dom is fantastic as usual and offered to look into fixing another rendering issue I had come accross. A nice side-effect of the work Dom and Lauris have been doing, as I point out issues I discover, is syncronising the featureset of Sodipodi and librsvg so that they both support the same stuff. I mean neither of them support the full SVG specification, but as long as they both support the same subset then at least people can feel confident that the icons that are made in Sodipodi displays perfectly under librsvg. Or that icons that are displayed with librsvg can be edited with Sodipodi.

As Sodipodi is getting quite featurefull and powerfull now I think more and more graphics artists will use it to make SVG artwork for GNOME so the compatability of these two systems is rather important.

Was asked yesterday if I knew of a good free font editor to which I had to say no. I know that raph started on such a beast a long time ago, but I think the code never really got to a usefull stage, and I would think the code is severely bitrotten at this point in time.

Things have been kinda slow on the GStreamer front the last two weeks. Wim have been busy working on Gnonlin, his GStreamer based non-linear video editor, and thomasvs have been busy with work stuff. The others have commited small fixes and additions here and there, but I feel we really need to get a new release out now to get the latest set of fixes out. I also want to change the setup of our plugins SPEC file so that is creates RPMS that they integrate better with the standard RPMS Red Hat will be shipping in Red Hat 9.