Been a busy week at work so far working on setting up a linux based solution we are planing on selling to the SMB market. Customer interest is high, which is cool.

Discovered yet another SVG theme by coincidence today, BeOS style, probably port it to GNOME2 format this evening.

My more s3cr33t theme project is progressing a bit slowly atm, mainly because of lots of boring trial and error work with it atm :)

Did a small stunt interview yesterday with Scott Violet of Sun about the GTK+ integration in Java 1.4.2. Was kinda fun, I might do more of them with different people when questions arise in the community in the future.

Got a mail from the .au immigration authorities today. It said that the check I had sent them wasn’t cashable as it wasn’t written out to a Australian bank. My copy of the check says ‘National Australia Bank ldt.’, with an Adelaide address, but I guess that is not Australian enough for them.
So they will charge the whole amount to my credit card instead now (which was what I actually wanted to do, but originally was told they couldn’t) and return my check. argh, argh, argh, argh and double argh