I made a gst-player release today, 0.5.1, but it might be that we do not announce it waiting to we release GStreamer 0.6.2 in the near future. There are a couple of bad bugs in 0.6.1, one which crash the player from time to time ( the other baddie being a function only having its header included).

Been using net-rhythmbox continusly for the last few days, it works(tm).

Tried creating RH80 rpms for our apt repository using thomasvs ‘mach’ build system. Unfortunatly it seems that mach needs some love to work with RH9 and thomasvs is away for the easter.

Also spending the last day of my easter vacation at work. Reason being that I have a training course I want to attend the coming week, so I need to get some task done so they will not sabotage my week.