Been a weekend filled with some work, some movie watching, and some on general leisure like taking a forest walk. Almost none free software work. Been wondering a bit what to do, not really been in a summary mood in a while, I think I need to try and pass the torch onto someone else. Not been that much GStreamer work from me either lately, although I did do some cleanup of CVS head in regards to package building. Personally I think I am getting frustrated with our inability to make releases. CVS head is in my opinion unreleasable cause it doesn’t build the ffmpeg plugin which in turn provides most of our codecs. Stable I guess can be released, I think I probably do a release during next week with the fixes that are in there. Think we have reached a point where someone (me) just have to go ahead and make the releases or we will get stuck in CVS limbo for eternity. Currently I feel everyone is waiting on something undefined to happen.

Only thing that I have been progressing on is gnome-themes-extras which is moving along nicely. Think our next release will truly rock.