Me and some friends walked into the forest yesterday to find my Uncle’s cabin. He has offered me to buy it from him,
since his daughter don’t really want it and he wants to keep it in the family. So we walked in to take a look at the place since it has been quite some years since I last was there.

The idea of buying the cabin awakes conflicting emotions in me. Part of me wants to buy it since it was built by my great grandfather and there is actually a large area of forest and part of lake that belongs to it, including some nice hunting rights. Basically the idea of owning a large piece of forest appeals to me, partly I guess since it is a resource that is in steady decline globally, and owning a piece of it would enable me in a small way to contribute to the preservation of this beautiful resource, and it would be something lasting to pass on to my own offspring.

On the other side so is investing a large sum of money in Norway now not really a good mix with any of my other plans, expecially those related to moving abroad. For instance if I move to Australia so would having a cabin in Oslo be rather silly. The buy would also increase the amount of money I would need to set aside each month to pay for my loans, at a time when I have been looking hard at reducing the amount of money I owe the bank.

Hmm, think I need a girlfriend with a steady income. That would solve all my financials worries :)

thomasvs have been merging patches and fixing bugs in the stable branch of GStreamer. A new release is imminent, and even more pressure from me on me to get moving on the development branch release :)