One more weekend spent at work, this one semi-voluntary also known as trying to avoid greater pains later on. Of course doing upgrades of Oracle systems tend to give me time for other pursuits while the system does its thing. This time I found a really interesting article in the Economist (I am really starting to love that magazine) about a research project which has managed to get monkeys to manipulate a robotic arm with their thoughts. While the target of the research was to help disabled people, I personally started thinking that it might be a great step towards truly immersive gaming experience and in the next instance even be the first step towards immortality through digitalization.
Anyway the research papers are available from Public Library of Science, a website that aims to make scientific papers freely available. I guess open source’s idea of freely exchanging ideas is making the idea make a comeback in other scientific circles as well.

Did some testbuilds of GStreamer CVS head last few days. GStreamer builds well know, but my main test app Rhythmbox have had some build issues in its CVS version, luckily waters is on the ball fixing stuff as I report them.
Hopefully we can get GStreamer 0.7.1 released tommorow or early next week.