Ok, I managed to get a blister on one of my fingertips doing dishes and laundry yesterday; that can’t be a good sign :)

Managed to get GStreamer CVS head compiled yesterday after merging in all the latest changes into the gst-plugins spec file. Unfortunatly it turned out I had forgotten to install the mp3 library which meant no sound for most my movies :)

My plan is to get a nicely working CVS build and then build all the apps available and try and clean up the docs for some of them. The online docs for the mixer for instance currently sucks badly.

Luis managed to ruffle some feathers yesterday, but I think that it actually had some positive effects in terms of increased focus on improving the GNOME integraton modules we maintain. Thomas did a new nautilus-media release and commited his media profiles stuff to gnome-media, Ronald got patching the volume applet and acme to use the new mixer stuff onto his Christmas todo list. And Iain made an unfirm commitment to porting the GNOME cdplayer to use GStreamer during the holidays :)

Video playback is really leaping forward these days and hopefully the remaining basic issues will be quickly resolved so that Julien can get Gst-player up and running towards 0.7/0.8 soon. He has put a lot of work into getting the foundation right, so that he can support video effects and visualizations much more smoothly in the new version.

But now I need to get stuff done here at work so I can go home :)