Flamewars have strange sideeffects. A small falling out over maintainership caused me to re-discover a NAS plugin that had been lingering in the mailing-list since May. (who said sort by topic was useless ;). I am trying to integrate that now if only I am able to build NAS so I can make sure it actually works. People who use imake should be spanked to death.

So the good things of today list is:
a) We are getting a new NAS plugin
b) Zeenix also made us a libcaca plugin, so we will soon have coloured asci-art output.
c) And Malcolmn will probably be making his SMIL library public soon.
d)And a team of french hackers want to make a non-linear editor on top of GStreamer as their final year project.
e) And cool things happen with Fluendo.
f) And good things seems to be happening in my private life.
g) And it is Christmas soon.
h) And I will go to Barcelona for new-years to hear a bunch of strangers speak flemish :)
i) And I always forgot, I am buying Ross a new harddisk

You know sometimes life is just all good.

Ok, good news just keeps trickling in Ronald fixed the RGB and seeking issue. Guess we are ready to rock :)