Discovering a feature I would like to have in Evolution today. And that is a way of linking my email addresses to certain outgoing email addresses. So that when I mail a list for instance it use my address.

Having such a feature would be a good way for me to avoid getting mails about my mails getting stuck in the moderation que, since I forgot to choose the correct from address.

A bright spot is that checking up on my E*Trade account has become fun again lately. With the latest increases in stock price for Novell and Red Hat so are my shares very safely in the green again with a 20% positive earning.
After a year of being in the red this is nice. Only wish I had some really money invested so that I could earn some real money. The current investment only has the potentional of paying for some nice vacations through its value increases, not making me rich. I guess my best get rich plan still is winning the national lottery :)

The big CAPS merger happened in GStreamer yesterday and the dust is settling. A few more days and we probably be back where we was before the merger in absolute terms. Played a song for the first time yesterday with Gst-player and the 0.7 branch. Nice to see it back and somewhat working again with the new branch. My guesstimate is that we will have a Gst-player that works better with the 0.7 branch in about a week than it ever did with the 0.6 branch :)

Anyway of I go to see the last episode of LOTR :)