Ok, so I was a bit frustrated with the lack of progress in my relationship with this girl I met before Christmas. She seemed interested in the begining then after new years things just kinda died. I figured it was due to her wanting to take things slowly after to her breakup with her ex-boyfriend, so I didn’t really push it. But as the weeks has gone by I have to admit being a bit frustrated by her not getting back to me etc. when promised. Ok, so today I find out why, seems the boss at her workplace has been sexually harrasing her and making her life hell. She couldn’t take it anymore and has now quit her job. The experience has really drained her and she is currently really feeling down and just staying by herself at home. Not sure what happens from here, but I think it is clear that little will be happening between us before she gets this experience further behind her.

And I who had a good feeling about the prospects for this as there was no husband or fiancee living with her as has been the case with some earlier involvements of mine :(

Wonder if there is some pattern here I should start seeing