So it seems Steve Lhomme is making good progress on porting GStreamer to Windows with it compiling today, curious to see what will be the effect of that port in terms of developer interest and similar.

Meanwhile there has been a great deal of general bugfixing done today in preparation of a new GStreamer release. Seems a lot of stuff is really starting to come online now, so while 0.7.4 will not have every format working there will be enough for us to feel confident that the basics work.

I also managed to get my system upgraded to latest Fedore Development tree. Lots of nice improvements in GNOME 2.5, I am especially impressed by the speedups in yelp.

Spatial Nautilus is going to take some time getting used to. The lack of the sidebar doesn’t really bother me since I never used it anyway, but the removal of the navigation buttons will take some getting used to. It was very fast though so I guess I will get to like it after a while.

And of course seeing the SVG’ified games made my heart sing with joy :)

And not to be forgotten I am happy to see Planet XFCE online. Some people see XFCE as a GNOME competitor, but personally I see them as an asset to GNOME. They use GTK+ too and they offer a good alternative to GNOME for people who want a lighter alternative or who just like the way XFCE works. Alternatives that help promote and develop the platform is only a good thing. Keep on blogging guys!