up2date in fedora sucks incredibly much. downloading anything through it is so slow that I sometimes wonders how it is possible. Unfortunatly it seems up2date is a bit faster at getting new package into Feodora test than apt, but then again it seems that I would have to wait anyway since apt2get spends an hour just to grab a few small packages. I think someone said that Fedora up2date uses yum, if that is the case them yum is not very yummy.

Also seems there is a Sodipodi/Inkscape shotout in progress although atm the shoots are coming mostly from Sodipodi towards inkscape. All I can say is that I think lauris needs some new glasses cause his view of the situation is rather far removed from reality IMHO. I can sympatise with the fact that being on the ‘recieving’ end of a fork isn’t fun, but he is as much if not more to blame for the fork himself, than the ‘forkers’ are.