Ok, since I need to take a trip to Berlin to get my passport updated with my Australian Visa information I did quick search on a online travel agent site. I got a long list of flights from different airlines with Lufthansa being the cheapest. Looking closer at that flight I noticed that it was actually a Scandinavian Airlines flight which was also sold a Lufthansa flight due to the Star Alliance cooperation. Ok, so I skimmed trough the list wondering why the flight wasn’t listed also for SAS. It turned out it was, it was listed further down on the list, but SAS wanted 500 kroners (60 Euro) more for the same flight. Which means I could order a airtrip with a SAS airplane cheaper from Lufthansa than I can from SAS itself… And they wonder why SAS is in such big trouble.

Looking forward to the official launch of Fluendo; think I even might have found it a customer yesterday here in Norway :)