Saw The Sweetest thing on Friday. I thought it was hillarious although maybe a few scenes where over the top absurd :) I think people who liked Whipped will like this one and vica versa.

On saturday I continued work now getting the appartment ready for viewings, many little details that I have postponed fixing while I lived here but which now demands attention.
Also saw the message sent by the S2 guy who helped SCO with getting their financing. The newsforge published mail where pure bullshit, but I think his message that due to IP litigation (using the M$ and Eoalas case as an example) only companies that could afford to pay 500 million USD legal settlements could survive as an software supplier really showed what the problem with todays IP regime is(although this wasn’t the point he was trying to make :)

And today I spent time cleaning up my SVG article. Still stuff that needs love as Dom and Caleb are hacking away like madmen making my info old before the ink dries.