Ok, so there is a windows port of GStreamer now, done by some of the core Matroska hackers. Some issues on how to merge the changes upstream as the port is done towards MSV which doesn’t like GStreamer’s heavy use of VarArgs. So debate is about redoing port with mingw or find some way to merge the MSV patches. Well I leave it to the devs to decide.

The Matroska team is also trying to make a cross-plattform transcoder on top of GStreamer using wxWindows. Will be interesting to see what comes from that camp.

Also started some light mailing regarding my little world tour today, trying to fix the most time consuming items first. Discovered my cousin was in Norway just the week I am in Singapore, so I probably will go a jungle trek on Borneo that week instead. She sais I could borrow their house in the center of Singapore though. Well see.

Tested cinamod news librsvg Mozilla plugin. It worked very well. It let me view the SVG conformance test online and it seems we have a few bugs here and there. Filled some bug reports so hopefully Dom and Caleb will get around to it. Poor Caleb have to rewrite most of his masks implementation though :(