Had some nice days in Sydney starting with Jan and Jamie talking me to Jeff and Pia’s place for a barbeque. Even got to try some barbequed kangaroo. I am really curious to see what Jeff and co. will cook up to revolutionize the Linux world, could be really interesting.

Jan and Jamie took me the next day to see some wildlife at the Australian Reptile park. Although the name says reptile they do also have a collection of Australian non reptiles so I got to see and touch both live kangaroos and koalas in addition to seeing a nice sample of the Australian reptile population. In the evening we went to Jan’s parents for a nice dinner.

Although I had a good time the first few days my stomach problems from Borneo had not really gone away and it was really draining me of energy. So the third day I just took it easy at Jan and Jamie’s place trying to just drink Gatorade as an apotechary had suggested to me. Didn’t really help much so yesterday I visited a doctor. Got some antibiotica and about one hour after popping the first pills I was feeling much much better, my appetite returned, my nausea gone and my spirit much lifted.Also met up with Caleb and we toured the city together so I got to see the harbour bridge and the Sidney Opera. We also went to see Spider-Man 2 which was ok, although a bit to sappy at times. Ended the evening with some games of pool.

Today I will get introduced to the Sidney debian community as I will be joining Jan and Jeff at a local debian users meeting. Supposed to be a talk comparing Debian to Gentoo which will be interesting to hear, although I am a habitual Red Hat/Fedora Core user myself and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. Only bad thing is that due to the antibiotica I will not be able to partake in the heavy drinking which seems to coincide with these debian gatherings, luckily I was able to leech some beers of Jeff the first night so I have sampled the local brews. Guess I find out today if it is true as some religious people say; that you can have just as much fun without alchohol. Have a feeling I conclude what I usually conclude; that religious people should be refered to as religious nuts :)

For those interested I have also gotten my photos online now. Although in a simple fashion. When I get back from Africa I hope to get them onto my new apestaart area which Thomas is setting up for me, with a proper photo gallery.