Spent the weekend back in Oslo. It is incredible how much more you enjoy the Oslo fall when you know that you will only be exposed to it for a short while; that you have a warm refuge further south to retreat too again.

Managed to get some stuff I wanted like a fan for the bedroom ceiling. There is a little funny that I was easily able to find that home in Norway, yet have been unable to find it in Barcelona as the need for such a thing is ‘a tad’ bigger in Barcelona.

While I was resting on my laurels home in Norway the rest of the team where hard at work preparing for a release of our streaming server in Barcelona. Things are starting to look pretty nice and I was even able to make a few screenshots 1,2,3,4,5
of the wizards and a test videoscreen running :)

The plan is to make a release this evening so that people interested can start playing with it. We probably keep this first release relativly lowkey since it is surely to contain some bad bugs. Then we do a new release in a week or two which we announce more loudly.