Think one of the hardest things when you have a cool company like ours and you have something really cool up your sleave is keeping the flytrap shut until the press release is out. Rather painfull actually. And as soon as this one is out on Monday I already have another one that needs writing which will be just as cool. Life is unfair sometimes.

Stefan Kost posted a nice new screenshot of Buzztard today in his blog/planet gstreamer. Musicians out there take heed.

Discovered that the theoreticaly fixed bug when using SVG images as background is still around due to some ugly overiding of the control center (in which the bug is fixed) by Nautilus where the bug is still reining true. Please for the love of Odin’s beard can someone fix this.

Getting some guests soon so I guess this weekend will be dedicated to getting the appartment shaped up. I just hope Ismael get the city council to come here soon to grab all the old furniture etc.