Spent time today going throgh GStreamer bugzilla trying to triage bugs. I think that when you go past 200 bugs it becomes very hard for developers to keep up with bugzilla and bugs/patches etc. gets lost. Personally I think that the almost 1000 open bugs against Nautilus probably is a big problem for the developers as I doubt they can really handle it in a good way, or rather I know they can’t handle it as I have old Nautilus bugs that have never been looked at.

GStreamer is at 300+ bugs today including NEEDINFO’s. I hope to triage that down closer to 200 eventually, by doing some triaging work like a did today. Have to say I am tempted to close ‘nevergonahappen’ enhancements bugs. If someone wants a GStreamer plugin for ZX Spectrum music they will either go wanting or write it themselves, don’t think having an open bug for it in bugzilla will make it happen.

Then again we have a bugzilla for a Super Nintendo music plugin, and I saw today on planetkde that Michael Pyne is working on such a plugin for GStreamer…so at least one such enhancement bug will get closed soon :)

Sent of a bunch of mails to people asking for GPL to LGPL relicensing of their code as part of the neverending effort to get GStreamer CVS 100% LGPL compatible.

Appartment starting to look decent after I got some of the old furniture thrown out yesterday. Since my landlord got killed I feel much more free to throw away anything that was in the appartment which I don’t like. I guess the old saying is true, One mans death is another mans gain.