Seems I got elected onto the GNOME Foundation board of directors, interestingly enough I would not have been elected if the board had been 7 members this year instead of 11 as I wanted :). Anyway I look forward to working with the other elected members to try and make the board more relevant to the community, so that next year we don’t have to once again explain what the board do and what it doesn’t or what it exactly have been doing. Lets see how it works out.

My interview with the amaroK team went online today. Lots of love in the comments, but at least a guy commenting on the dot got my little girlfriend joke :)

Been wondering lately if I should quit Fluendo and start a employment agency, seems like being asked to recommend people for jobs are getting more and more frequent. Could be related to the stories that have started popping up of shortages in the labour market for people with linux hacking skills. Of course some of these requests do come out of the blue. Anyway if anyone reading this and who think I have fairly good chance of knowing who they are/what they have done and want to code for Google in California or Dublin please let me know and I put you in touch.

Going to a concert with Thomas and co. today to see a Belgian band at the Razzmatazz. Second time I am there this week since I went to see the Rasmuss on Monday. Monday Razzmatazz was filled with Finish flags, I guess today I see Belgian ones. I hope Lene Marlin comes down for a concert soon so I can go to a concert and wave the Norwegian flag (or maybe I skip the flag waving part :)