Had a hectic but fun weekend with Julia and Michael visting me . Was nice to see them again for the first time since we met on the trip in Borneo. Think we drank a little to much yesterday cause I was pretty worn out at work for the first half of the day. Think I definetly have to pop over to England for a visit in the new year.

Suddenly realized how few days I have left in Barcelona before going home for Christmas, think I need to do some present shopping tommorow if I am to be able to look my family in the eyes this Christmas.

Noticed Havoc pointing to the nice stuff in Red Hat Magazine today. To balance it out I guess I should point out that the Ogg Theora videos, like the ‘choice’ video and the Bob Young video about the Red Hat name are horribly broken in regards to audio/video sync. I guess they didn’t use GStreamer to transcode the videos :)