Elijah: Havoc wasn’t unemployed last time I checked :)

Ok, so due to the Ogg clips featured in Red Hat magazine being so horrible I did some quicktime to ogg transcoding testing with GStreamer today.
I took the World of Warcraft Quicktime trailer and converted it to Ogg using this little script(qt2oggt input.mov output.ogg). The end result came out very nice so I made a screenshot of the Dwarf and one with the Tauren. You can download the whole Ogg here to see for yourself. Only frustrating part being that I had to use mplayer for the shot as Totem/GStreamer (and Totem/Xine for that matter) was to CPU heavy in non-xv mode for me to be able to use it. Guess we need to put some optimizations of this onto Ronald’s todo list for next year.

Another nice thing I noticed is that the Ogg file is about 12 MB, while the Quicktime is 28MB (and image/sound quality about the same). Not a scientific test of course, but still a nice example showing that free formats do not have to be ashamed when being compared to proprietary ones.