Back in Barcelona after spending Christmas back in Norway. Had a great time both together with family and visiting friends in Norway. Managed to go back with trice the luggage I had when arriving, of course half of that was the ceiling fan I bought for the bedroom.

Also spent quite some time watching tv as the Asian tsunami news unfolded. Since many of the places hit badly in Thailand where very scandinavian centric the catastrophe got even closer as scandinavians where heavily represented in the foreigners dead or missing there. Got a bit annoyed with some of the Norwegians returning home, who complained loudly about the Norwegian government not doing enough for them quickly enough. While there probably where things which could have been done better I think in the context that there had been a natural disaster which completely broke down local infrastructure and killed maybe as many as 100 000 people a little more humbleness would be in order.
I have no problem understanding that the days for the survivors and hurt where long, but I am also sure that Norwegian embassy officials and others where not sitting around twinning their thumbs. They where probably working their ass off trying to help as many as they could as fast as they could, which probably was no easy task considering what had happened. Some where complaining that the Swedish government had done so much better and that the swedish officials had ended up helping norwegians too since there where no Norwegian officials there; well I am sure there are many cases where even Swedish officals where not there quick enough for Swedish citizens too. Instead of being angry at Norwegian officials for not managing to be everywhere for everyone I think they instead should be happy that we have such a close relationship in scandinavia that the Swedish officials could help them out instead.