Built a new GStreamer based music player called ‘Player‘ today. Its quite nice, especially doing the visualisation inside the header is quite nifty. Ended up working on cleaning up buildfiles and cvs also :) It will be released today or at least very soon.

Also learned that the new vmware uses SVG graphics due to librsvg, neat stuff!

Wim’s patch(es) for fixing threading and glib is now in bugzilla. No instant smackety smackdown from Owen and Matthias which I guess is a good sign :)

Wim did a presentation today of his cvs branch of gstreamer since we have David Gerber here now who is going do some contract work for us on GStreamer.

Btw, I forgot to mention it in last nights blog, but Owen Taylor got elected Chairman (Chairperson to be PC) of the GNOME Foundation board yesterday, so he is now the offical head of GNOME for the year to come. Guess its proof that the possibilty of American leaders who are liked on both sides of the pond is still there :)