Ellijah and the Metacity team are kicking arse, having put Metacity down to 121 open non-enhancement bugs atm. GStreamer on the other hand is sorta stuck around 140 bugs atm (which is a nice step down from the around 300 we started at, but above the stated goal of reaching 100). Luckily we are at least kicking epiphany’s ass as they are stuck way up on 159 bugs.

The Nautilus team seem to want to get into the game as they have been taking Nautilus down to 799 bugs, which is the lowest in been in years (I noticed I said they where around 1000 when I uttered my first challenge to Metacity and Epiphany) . Still some way to go, but only 40 more bugs and they can call gtk+ a big pile of bugs at least :)

Anyway I still would like to send out a general call for people to get their modules out of the hall of shame. Lets continue towards making GNOME 2.10 the least buggy release of desktop software ever :)