Hula &

So it seems Novell is doing a mail and calender server called Hula. Originally I wondered why they did it instead of just contributing to OpenGroupWare. Still don’t understand their initial motivation, but after reading JWZ’s blog about it I at least think they have a valid reason for doing it now, thanks to JWZ. Making something much more narrow and focused (and hopefully something easier to install, as I gave up installing OpenGroupWare and have been waiting for an opportunity to get help from Thomas in getting it running). What we need to decide on at Fluendo is wether to go for OpenGroupWare as an end to end solution for our mail,calendaring and CRM needs or go for Hula combined with something else like the web based CRM tools I have been blogging about earlier. Guess one decision factor would be to see how Noodle progress and if this development will affect Noodle in any way. Noodle doesn’t exactly seem like a buzzing project so I do worry that waiting on it is like waiting for the return of Christ, an excercise in misplaced patience. On the other side the Hula page doesn’t seem to mention syncing with handhelds in any way at all which is part of Noodle’s goals. Which means waiting for Hula to sync with cellphone calendar might be just as big an excercise in misplaced patience. Wish the multisync project was a bit more active….

librsvg & Cairo

Caleb Moore has as good as finished his rework of librsvg to enable multiple backends. This means a Cairo backend is now feasible. Hopefully Carl Worth will reply positivly to my mail suggesting the xsvg for has outplayed its role and he join Caleb and Dom instead on making librsvg rock with Cairo.

GStreamer & the future

The GStreamer summit is really close now with Benjamin having arrived here in Barcelona already. Ronald and David is also on the way.

Flumotion continues rocking

We made the 0.1.6 release of everyones favourite streaming server today. It is a really nice release with a lot of GUI work by Wingo making it even easier to use and lots of work by Thomas making the backend more robust to network outage and similar problems.